APersistente - César Castelão & Filhos, Lda


We face the change as a very positive factor, as so, we take advantage of new technologies, providing our development.

To always provide to the costumer an excellent product, “aPersistente” has, along its path, seeking to accompany and innovate in the graphic design industry.

aPersistente acts in five large areas:


Our objective is to seek always the best solution to our client’s necessities.

One of the company´s fields of action is graphic design: logos, posters, leaflets, flyers, promotional or product catalogues, envelopes, all commercial work, archives, large format works, books, among many other articles.


This is a sector of permanent technologic innovation. Here it unfolds pagination, composition, image digital treatments, etc.

This process proceeds directly with the straight passage of the printing plates from all the digital information provided herein.     


This company has been, carefully and progressively, growing, keeping abreast of advanced technological processes, equipping itself with cutting-edge technology. In this sequence, “aPersistente” owns a fleet of off-set printing machines, in the most varied formats, from 35x50 up to 70x100, from 1 to 8 colours, totalling 12 units.

Digital printing is another of the company´s great assets, with high printing capabilities, allowing faster response.

Finishing Process

This graphic also includes a section of finishes equipped to respond all the needs of the costumers. It consists of folding, baking and collating machines, magazines closure, collage of book covers and support guillotines. In addition, it has a set of five machines to support the cut and crease to perform carton work, labels and special finishes.


The simultaneous use of moving sound and images, capture attention on a longer scale. An industrial video, an advertising spot… the creation of digital and dynamics pages, a compact/digital support capable of agglomerating a multitude of data, images, animation…

Multimedia enables the making of a new way of communication, more dynamics, more attractive.