APersistente - César Castelão & Filhos, Lda

Available Means

Human Resources

It’s a set of qualified, available and motivated professionals, trying to surpass customer expectations, involving employees and suppliers in partnership, fulfilling all requirements and promoting continuous improvement.

For the company it’s fundamental that its employees commit themselves with passion in the accomplishment of the objectives, within the organization, are autonomous and make decisions. In order to do this, and considering that its best asset is its Human Resources, the company assumes as essential element, the permanent training actions and, therefore, to value them into the pursuit of Excellence.

Company’s forty collaborators know, intrinsically, of the importance of this matter!

In this perspective, they are required some responsibilities, inspired by the culture of the company:

  • Be updated with the most Modern Graphic techniques;
  • Know well what the capabilities of the company and its products are, as a way to quickly respond to customer requests;
  • The constant and unceasing pursuit for the Product of Excellence.


Pavilions with a covered area of 2600 m2

Design and Pre-Printing

The studio is fundamentally based on the MAC language, equipped with a Multifunctional Workflow, for managing all prepress, print and finishing information. This form of production creates a break with the methods of managing the workflow in the graphic arts.



Large format printing. Ability to produce small quantities at reduced prices. The small amount is no longer a major obstacle.

Offset Printing

This company is certified by ISO 12647 (Printing).

Large and small format printing. With a highly competitive response capability, this sector has a set of 22 print bodies, distributed from one to eight colour machines, with sizes ranging from 36x52 to 70x100;


This section is equipped with an extremely varied range of options, which provides a wide range of products that can be executed:

  • Cutting and creasing machines of various shapes;
  • Counter machine;
  • Box Closing Machine;
  • Magazine closure machine;
  • Various Stapling and drilling machines;
  • Interlayer, bake and paste book covers;
  • Multi-format folding machines;
  • Pruning and creasing machines;
  • Guillotines to support printing and finishing;
  • etc.