APersistente - César Castelão & Filhos, Lda


Quality and services, in “aPersistente”, are inseparable elements.

Quality and service are two inseparable elements. Today, any business can dispense the service component. We will even say that the greatest differentiation between companies and products depends heavily on the different levels of Services involved and offered to customers.

We have notion that a good product associated with poor service cannot be succeed. Likewise, a bad product, as good as the service may be, can never assert itself in the market.


Our Service Concept will then be:

  • Pleasing and satisfying customer needs as well as simplifying their life’s. The client's need is a priority over any internal task, whatever it may be.
  • We will do everything in our power to satisfy you.
  • aPersistente presents itself as a graphic capable of offering a turn-key service.


We have an evolved machine park from Offset to Digital, which allows us to respond in different areas, defending the customer on issues such as delivery time and final cost, never neglecting a fundamental aspect that is the Quality.


Structure based on Customer Management, which ensures a personalized follow-up. Our commercials are developed from the technical structure, which allows them to have a high knowledge, always at the disposal of the best advice for the client. We provide quick budgeting and massive availability.


We perform the most diverse work under the supervision of specialized technical personnel:

  • Assembly of photoliths or CTP;
  • Printing Digital Colour Proofs;
  • Fine Arts grinding, under the supervision of the Client.


We have a team, directors of the production, who are responsible for supervising the work in progress. All the work is coordinated with the Manager of each Account (Client) in order to present the best Quality / Price ratio.

aPersistente has work teams and equipment that allows to carry out a set of operations that surpass the simple concept of graph.


The company has its own vehicles and equipment for delivery to the Customer. Our geographical location, in central area of the country, was an option to satisfy a wide range of Customers that we have spread all over the country.