APersistente - César Castelão & Filhos, Lda

It is called "aPersistente" and is a benchmark in the field of graphic arts

Founded in 1929 in Chamusca has a course marked by constant innovation.

The "aPersistente" presents a wide range of products in which publicity works (posters, leaflets, flyers, Stopper catalogs, wipes, labels and muppis) stand out; commercial works (crafts, envelopes, bags, blocks, cards); publications (books, magazines, brochures, coloring pictures), wrapping paper, wallpaper, archive boxes, labels and ribbons, stickers, boxes, etc.

Detained since 1973 by the then-founded "César Castelão & Filhos, Lda.", "APersistente" operates in its own facilities at Chamusca. Performs work for the whole country and abroad. It has a great productive flexibility supported in the adaptability of equipment and human resources. Throughout its existence has been able to cement an image of great credibility, thanks to the quality of its works; relations with clients; compliance with deadlines; to production for more customized runs with the possibility of making short runs profitable and the constant commitment to modernization, both technologically and creatively. It is a leading company in several market segments. It is certified by ISO 9001 (Quality) and 12647 (printing). In Portugal there are only three companies with this certification.

The company "aPersistente - Artes Gráficas" was founded by César Castelão in 1929. At the time it had only two workers. The first major expansion of the business area occurred after 1940 with the entry into the area of ​​advertising bullfighting, beginning at that time the preparation of works for the "Municipal Press", a company from Lisbon, which quickly became its largest customer. The "aPersistente" would eventually acquire, in 1957, the "Municipal Press", which had a strong presence in the printing market for public entities in 1957.

The company has sought to systematically evolve along the line of social responsibility, as a result of several strategic decisions, including progress towards Environmental Certification through standard 14001, investment in recycling equipment, adoption of less polluting technology and a production of solar energy for own consumption.

The "aPersistent" has systematically supported organizations and activities of a social and cultural nature throughout its life. On the other hand, the company provides professional internships for young graduates or young people with special support needs for integration into the labor market.

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