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aPersistente and Design

Graphic design it's a way of visual communication. It is the process of giving structural order and form to visual information, often working the image and text relationship. It can be applied to most media, whether printed, digital or audiovisual.

The Mark

Its representation and communication is the axis around which the whole economy revolves.

In aPersistente, one of the fields of action in the company is the graphic design: we develop logos and graphic lines, posters, leaflets, flyers, promotional or product catalogs, labels, posters, envelopes, all commercial work, archives, large format works, Magazines, books, boxes, among many other articles.

Our goal is always to find the solution that best suits the needs of our clients.

“We’ve all judged each other by the image. What is part of the personal image? Everything that refers to the visual, that is, the clothes, the hair, the accessories, the shoes, the way to sit, to speak, etc.

It doesn’t take us more than 15 seconds to judge the other person without even talking to her, just for her image, for her look. Soon we observe to which tribe she belongs by her clothes, whether she is careful, or not, by her hairstyle, if she is calm or agitated by the way of walking, siting, that is, soon we make a judgment of someone that we do not even know.

Is this right or wrong? I don’t know. I only know that it is increasingly important to take care of our image, because willing or not, we will be judged by the unconscious of the person who sees us."

Christiana Francini 

It then becomes essential, for any company that wants to impose on the market, to take care of its image.