APersistente - César Castelão & Filhos, Lda

aPersistente and Finishing


This productive phase, which corresponds to the finishing operations of the printed products, is composed of diverse tasks, not only in the processes, but also in the equipment or materials to be used, according to their function or destination and the specifications of each one.

To fulfil this function, the company uses a wide range of equipment and functions, adapted for the finish required.

Therefore, we highlight the following equipment:

  • Folding Machine;
  • Glue machine;
  • Sewing machine (wire stitch or thread);
  • Drilling Machine;
  • Journal Closure machine;
  • Cutting and creasing machine;
  • Packing machine;
  • Gold machine;
  • Loop machine;
  • Pruning machine;
  • Plasticizer machine;
  • Varnish machine;
  • Crease machine;
  • Rounded corners machine;